Register a company in Lithuania

If you plan to conduct business on the European market, a suitable option for opening a company can be a promising investment state - Lithuania. This country is a member of the European Union, that is, it has a common market with many other European states. The possibility of buying real estate deserves special mention, as only residents and foreign entrepreneurs have the right to it.

Business advantages of Lithuania

Lithuania has a very comfortable business environment for opening and further development of own business. In addition, Lithuania has a wide range of other advantages - modern infrastructure, state interest in foreign investments, flexible taxation and various tax incentives, free economic zones, Low interest rates on loans in European banks, stability in the political and economic spheres, multinational audience of consumers with different preferences and tastes, as well as high living standards and solvency of consumers. In addition, the registration of the enterprise in Lithuania allows businessmen to trade in the territory of the entire European Union, not a single country.

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Company registration in Lithuania: how to start your own business

If you decide to register a company in Lithuania, you should take into account that the procedure of starting a business will be different and have certain features. Remember that during the opening of the company you may need additional documents, but at least it is necessary to prepare a civil passport and its copy, as well as a foreign passport of the beneficiary, proof of residence of the beneficiary (for example, utility bill) and proof of solvency required to open a bank account.

The main features of company registration in Lithuania

The reputation of the company registered in Lithuania is many times higher than that of companies that are open outside its borders, especially - in offshore zones. The EU attracts non-European entrepreneurs, as foreign banks and business partners are more open to cooperation with European firms. However, the registration of European companies is a difficult task, as businessmen need to consider many nuances of the procedure.

Requirements for registration of a company in Lithuania

For the opening of the company in Lithuania to be successful, it is necessary to choose the composition of the founders and establish the authorized capital. Decide on the founders, appoint an executive director. Prepare a notarized copy of the passports of all participants - with an apostille and proof of residence. Provide at least three company names that will be launched into the unique check. Choose a local legal address. Make sure that you do not need a license. Simultaneously with the registration of the company you need to open an account in one of the local banks on favorable terms. By the way, the banking system here is considered one of the most stable.

 Procedure of company registration in Lithuania

Registration of the company in Lithuania has several main stages through which a businessman who decided to start a business here will have to go. Selection of the main activities of the company, suitable for this form of business, as well as the name of the enterprise. Selection and rental of a legal address in Lithuania. Preparation of the constituent documents taking into account the requirements of the legislation of Lithuania.

The Articles of Association of the company must specify: the name of the company, the business form, the legal address, the list of co-founders and directors with their personal data, the amount of the authorized capital. Opening of a temporary bank account on which you need to put the authorized capital. Signature of documents by participants. Business registration in Lithuania also requires notarization of these documents. Opening of a company in Lithuania, which is confirmed by the registration of the company in the Commercial Register of the country. Opening of the bank’s main account and start of business.

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Buy or register a company in Lithuania

If you do not want to waste your time and effort, registration of the company in Lithuania is not the only way to start a business. You can contact specialists and discuss the possibility of buying a ready-made company. There are shelving ready-made companies that do not have debts and other obligations to the state or third parties. You will be able to not only buy a firm with a clean business history, but also to start operations almost immediately after signing the contract to buy the company.